Mr. Henley is the most professional private investigator I have encountered during my fifteen years of working on murder cases in North Carolina.  He conducts diligent and thorough invstigations into any and all possible defenses to the charges commenced against our clients.  Since meeting Mr. Henley in 2012, I have begun to rely on his extensive law enforcement background and criminal defense trial experience for guidance as I prepare and execute certain defense strategies on behalf of those who are accused of murder. 

Our most remarkable case to date occurred during the Summer of 2015.  Our client injected himself into the midst of a melee to defend the life of his unconscious brother.  He positioned himself over his brother's lifeless body and swung a small pocketknife to ward off a mob of men who were relentlessly stomping his brother to death and brutally attacking our client in the process.  One of the purported attackers died from a knife wound.  I called Mr. Henley at 7 a.m. and he drove two hours to the small N.C. town where he expedited his investigation.  Mr. Henley interviewed witnesses, preserved evidence, collected physical evidence while documenting chain of custody, and ensured no physical evidence was spoiled in the process.  Within hours of the deadly encounter, Mr. Henley and I presented the results of his investigation to the district attorney and investigating officers.  Before police even identified a suspect, we took our client to police and allowed them to interrogate him.  In short, Mr. Henley’s expedient and diligent investigation thwarted any criminal charges being commenced against our client.  As a result, justice prevailed without the State wasting significant resources that could have been better spent on other criminal cases.

Whether you are an individual who is facing criminal charges or a lawyer who needs assistance investigating a criminal case, Mr. Henley is the type of investigator who will make every effort to ensure justice prevails.
~ Civil Rights Attorney from Durham, NC


I learned the hard way that if you use deadly force in self-defense, police will inevitably investigate whether you committed murder and, depending on the outcome of that investigation and a subsequent criminal trial, you may face the possibility of being sentenced to life without parole.  For this reason, it is imperative that you immediately hire your own private investigator to identify, preserve, and collect any evidence that is relevant to whether your use of deadly force was in fact justified.  Mr. Henley is the only private investigator I’d recommend you use.  
When I realized I was facing the possibility life in prison for lawfully defending another person’s life, my attorney immediately introduced me to Mr. Henley of Investigative Solutions, LLC.  First, Mr. Henley gave me the confidence I needed to tell him and my attorney the truth. Then, he diligently uncovered evidence that corroborated the truth. Perhaps most importantly, Mr. Henley’s diligence and thoroughness gave me the confidence and courage I needed to explain to law enforcement officials exactly what force I used and why I used it under the circumstances.  In the end, it was his professionalism and integrity that ensured truth and justice prevailed where it often fails.  There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for what Mr. Henley and my attorney did for me – they literally saved my life. 

~ J.A. North Carolina

 "I wouldn't even think of having any other PI in my corner than Jimmy. His steadfast ability to get things done, unparalleled work ethic, and invaluable experience in law enforcement solidified my case's outcome. Jimmy is the gold standard when it comes to Private Investigators." 

~ G.R. (Member of the Armed Forces)

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